1-Day Team
Wellness Retreat

This 1-day of wellness can include:

  • A graduated hike in awesome NZ bush surroundings
  • Stretches before and after the hike
  • A seminar on nutrition introducing the concept of wholefood (eating well)
  • A mindfullness session: introducing the power of the mind and our ability to control our own outcomes
  • A swim in the therapeutic hot mineral spas
  • An instructional movement session
  • A wholefood breakfast and lunch with sugar free snacks throughout the day

Lead the way by introducing your team to a life of wellness. This is the best gift that you can give to your employees and the company. Well people are more productive at work and enjoy a functional homelife.

A Te Atawhai one-day retreat in Te Aroha will  create a unique bonding of your total team, and enable those that may have taken a back seat in a meeting format to shine. Create an equal footing within the team as they work together to overcome challenges.

Te Atawhai is located in a picturesque rural area, under the beautiful Mount Te Aroha. The day will commence at 7am and conclude at 4pm.
6 – 9 People NZD $220
10 – 13 People NZD $195

Your team will be free to use the premises for meetings during the day.

 The one day retreats need a minimum of 8 attendees to operate. Te Atawhai reserves the right to cancel or postpone any retreat that is under the required number. The retreats are available on selected days only, please enquire with your date to ascertain suitability.
If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Tel +64 27 242 7468 or email us on [email protected]

“Reflect, push through, want, can, will. These are a few of the words I will use for myself 
every day in my life. 
Thank you Te Atawhai and crew – you have inspired me to change in a sustainable way.”


Read what our one day guests are saying


Thanks for Thursday we had a great day.

After a particularly hard 2016 where we faced a lot of sickness within the team I decided that our first staff conference should focus on my staffs health and wellbeing. We are a very strong team who work very hard (mostly with young adults), which can be very stressful.

Te Atawhai’s “nurture, nourish and thrive” really resonated with me.

As we drove along the foot of the Kaimai’s taking in the beautiful scenery I knew the day was going to be great – the whole team were so appreciative and open of what the day was to bring.

Sherryll and Rebecca were amazing – a full on day that was packed with mini workshops that flowed really well. The location at the domain in Te Aroha was a perfect setting to just breathe!

For the newer members of my team it was a perfect way to get to know each other and we laughed so much together. Speaking about healthy eating rather than dieting and movement instead of exercise was great. Rebecca’s workshop on the PIT was really well received and we will take this back to the academy. We all conquered the waterfall walk which was a great achievement and have set a 12 week target to return and go to the top of the waterfall.

Normally you go to these types of retreats and starve but not at Te Atawhai, the food was beautifully prepared and tasted delicious. I can’t wait to purchase their recipe book.

This staff conference will be one of our highlights this year and I know we all took so much away from the day. Thank you for looking after us so well, I hope that this becomes an annual event for my team.

Donna Waterson
General Manager
Hair to Train

To the Team at Te Atawhai:

A huge thank you for what can only be labelled an amazing day for twenty of our Head Office team.

The wellness day at Te Atawhai One Day Retreat was intended to reset the team’s health compass in 2017. Knowing that we have a busy year ahead, I want to ensure that correct and relevant information and safe and easily adaptable activity was delivered to the team to ensure they would be able to achieve their personal optimum wellness during the year.

The day however exceeded my expectations, while it certainly delivered on the wellness messages it also engineered a sense of collaboration, achievement and personal drive by removing hierarchical barriers (for a team that have tended to work in silos) as they supported each other to achieve their personal goals.

I was extremely proud of the team’s outputs and the way they applied themselves to situations that pushed many out of their comfort zones.

The entire team turned up at work the next day – not just on time but early – all buzzing and happily sharing their personal health goals for the next six weeks. It was hard not to notice the new broad peer groupings interacting at lunch. Such a great space to be working in!

Te Atawhai one day retreats are a must! Not only for amplifying wellness but also to reset a team’s working compass and ensure a strong culture of collaborative productivity.

Thank you to the incredible team at Te Atawhai and the broad skill base that they brought to the teachings of Nutrition Movement and Mindfulness.

Tony Hope
Stretton Clothing

What an amazing place to learn to slow down and find my own rhythm.


Today made me realise how unfit I am – the walk was beautiful and I am proud of how far I made it. The talk reinforced my previous learnings of how positive thinking can turn your life around.


Absolutely great day! I enjoyed the learning and the challenges. Lots of take home thoughts to improve my lifestyle. The facilitators were friendly, knowledgeable and non-threatening. Thank You.


In the present, being of myself this has given me the chance to make small changes to encourage myself.


The one day retreat is an amazing introduction to thriving. Was a great day with wonderful people, many of whom surprised and inspired me.


Really awesome way to spend the day loving myself in a way I was unaware of, something I had previously neglected to do.


I did not think I would enjoy today as much as I did. So glad I pushed myself to make it to the top, so worth it.


I have learnt there are things to work on, but I am a good human.


Today I learnt how to exercise properly and listen to my body – no matter how fit or unfit I am.


The experience as a whole is a life choice that has benefits for the mind, body and soul. I will take away the balance I need in my life in all areas of my being. I am truly grateful for what Te Atawhai offered me.


Truly got me thinking about how unhealthy my lifestyle is and there is no better time for me to re-think at my bad habits. Right now I am in a pit – not after today though.


Thank you Annah for your speech – building ourselves up is the best way to live a good life.


Challenging, Exciting and Life Changing! Amazing food and a great way to truly meet my fellow co-workers.




For me it was about eating mindfully, slowing it down and enjoying the nourishment as it entered my body. Loved the stretching and will practice some of these at home.


What I got out of the day was spending time outside the work environment and bonding with the girls in an environment which took so many out of their comfort zones. My Goals – Power of the mind – addressing challenges I may have in store and having a broader outlook, especially in the garments I sell.


I had no idea what to expect and left with amazing achievements, confidence and the ability to trust in myself.


Fitness and health and well-being is what I am taking from today. Also working alongside a great bunch of ladies.

A fabulous day and timely reminder that I need to keep time to listen to myself.


Reflect, push through, want, can, will. These are a few of the words I will use for myself every day in my life. Thank you Te Atawhai and crew – you have inspired me to change in a sustainable way.


This was very much outside my norm, but was a good space to visit.


What I found out today being a 40+ mother is I need to stay fit, healthy and stronger so that I have a better life for my child who is nine. For me it is the whole package – fitness, well-being and nutrition.


Where to start? Sherryll and her positive info and stretches. Awesome walk, views and company. Food – I wish to be presented with food like that at every meal. I enjoyed the nutrition and Rebecca talks, and it was great to hear Annah speak about the power of the mind. Thanks so much.


I cannot believe the value of a re-visit to Te Atawhai. Not only did I have a different mind-set (a can do mind-set) my fitness and wellness levels were at a whole new level – purely because of my first visit!


I can’t believe how much I enjoy being in this space, pushing my normal. Lovely food, people and space.


I found my experience at Te Atawhai uplifting and invigorating. A positive and peaceful atmosphere. I will go away from here with a different mind-set and will endeavour to bring this into my every-day life. Highly recommended.


Take the time to stop, relax (no technology) and appreciate all you have and all of what is around me..


Today was an unexpected way of building bonds with people I wouldn’t normally bond with. We have formed relationships in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without the environment.


I need to start exercising, my fitness is in much need to be addressed. UNFIT!

Loved meeting everyone, and feeling part of a strong group. Loved being surprised with what the mind can make you achieve. I couldn’t believe I would climb this mountain …and I feel ready for all the next ones to come.