Aug 2, 2017

Strength vs Cardio – Which Is Best?

This is an age old debate for many. Our men would generally say strength every time, whereas our women will say cardio without a doubt. With this mind set, the result we see is the men filling up the gym floor and the women running their little hearts out. The truth of the matter is for optimum health we need both.

To improve our cardiovascular fitness we should ideally have it in our week 3-4 times. But what is more important is the extent of the out-put. We need our heart rate to be elevated and raised to a point where we can feel our body temperature rising, our heart rate elevating, and our breath becoming a little more laboured. A great little tester for this is, we should be able to talk, but with heavier breathing conversation will be limited. What this will achieve over time is an improved and more efficient heart.
To improve our strength and mobility we need to introduce some sort of prolonged and intentional resistance to our muscles. This will improve our metabolic rate, (improve our fat burning rate) as well as bring continued strength to our ever changing bodies. To achieve this improved strength it is great to include some of this intentional resistance to our muscles 2-3 times a week.

Neither – because they are both essential! It’s not about one over the other, it is about having them both in our lives, to achieve the body which it was designed to be. A body to take us into our future, a body that will enable us to move and allow us to live the life worth living.

Take the time to know your body, to listen to your body and to understand your body. Move it right….. feed it right…..love it right. Start today…..

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