Jun 6, 2017

SITTING is the New Smoking

Another message from the Te Atawhai team, this time we would really like you to think about getting some movement into your day. These are simple exercises that you can do at home. Sherryll has put these together for you all.

Remember – SITTING is the New Smoking ..

All you need is three strength sessions a week
Pilates, Yoga or Weights of 30 minutes each, and 3 interval cardio sessions of 10 minutes each.
(Don’t forget the intervals.. 5x 30 seconds flat out then a 90 seconds slow down between each one)
Annah Bec’s and Sherryll ..x

5 Foundational and Functional Strength Starters

1. The Stance of Strength
Stand with feet hip width apart, mindful of your weight evenly distributed through your feet.

Soften knees, gently draw your tailbone under as you lift your chest.

With chest lifted, draw shoulders back and down – creating an opening of the chest, and creating positive tension between your shoulder blades.

Practice this standing in check-out lines, at kitchen benches or any time you find yourself standing still. (Use the stance of strength as your foundation when performing the following strengthening exercises)

Once you have positioned yourself into the Stance of Strength, perform each exercise 15 times, then progress on to the next exercise, following the outlined sequence. As your strength improves, add another rotation to the circuit below. Each exercise should be executed with slow and controlled movements.

Beginners                                            Body weight

Intermediate                                        Add resistance band

Advanced                                            Replace the band with a weight

2. Squat
Chest lifted weight through heels

Bend through the knees with tailbone pushing back

3. Press up
Straight back, hands in line with shoulders

Lower chest to the floor with eyes focused down

Keep core engaged to avoid hips from dropping

4. Lunge
Feet hip width apart

Foot forward, lift back heel off the floor and gently tilt the hips forward. Lift chest and drop back knee to the floor.  Keep back heel lifted at all times and always keep front foot forward of front knee.

5. Bent over Row
Weight through heels, keep chest lifted, apply positive tension between shoulder blades.

Tip forward 45 degrees from hips

Pull bar (or broom handle) to lower abdominals.

5 Key stretches to improve mobility and release lower back tension


Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds, and with long deep breaths allow your body to deepen into each stretch. ‘We are looking for stretch not stress’. At the completion of each stretch allow your body to gently move into the following movement on an outward breath. I would suggest you follow the sequence below.

1. Lying hamstring
On your back with bent knees.
Extend 1 leg to ceiling, gently pulling the leg towards the chest.

2. Lying hip opener
Take extended leg and place foot on resting bent knee.

Gently push knee away from the body to extend the stretch.

3. Extended Hip Opener and Glute stretch
Allow the resting upper leg to drop across the body while continuing to rest the foot on the lower knee.

4. Child’s Pose
Allow the body to roll over onto hands and knees.

Gently push hips back to heels, while arms remain outstretched and head comes to rest between the arms.

5. Hip Flexor and Quad
Come up onto knees
Step 1 – Foot forward, keeping hips and shoulders aligned
Gently push hips forward, opening the front of the hip


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