Jul 19, 2017

What you practice everyday, you will become

Far too often, it takes a threat to our mortality or a health crisis to make us begin to address the changes in our life style that we deeply know need to start today. The knowledge is in each one of us, and doesn’t require diets or gym memberships. Health is not a physical challenge – it’s a mental one. ‘What you practice every day you will become.’ Allan Watts

We know that when our purpose is poignant we are half way to achieving any goal we set for ourselves. Taking this back a bit further, it is also known that knowing our sense of purpose (why do we wake up in the morning) is worth up to seven years of life expectancy –Dr Libby Weaver. Everyone will view this differently, and some become exhausted searching for it.

“The benefits of this simple practice are the start of retraining your mind and taking control”

To begin, life might be your purpose – to be fully involved in living, be in the now and present for each day’s journey. Make a plan about what you can change, and embrace what you can’t, and do it to the best of your ability. Focus on what you have, not what you haven’t.

To start, there is research that suggests a morning ritual which is non-negotiable – this will vary to include physical or spiritual rituals, or maybe a period of quiet. This is proven to set you up for the day and get better outcomes for all. Even the busiest of people case rise 10 minutes earlier to begin this practice. The benefits of this simple practice are the start or retraining your mind and taking the control.

“You had a purpose before you had an opinion.” (Unknown)

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