Jul 12, 2017

Move to Live – Live to Move

There is continued research coming to light that is confirming today’s society is becoming less and less mobile and with this is the leading fact that lack of movement is as big a contributor to obesity today as poor food choices.

This decrease in movement therefore becomes a great contributor to so many of our modern day diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, depression…. The list goes on. The sad fact is we are so quick to seek medication as a means to combat any and all of these. This information is not unfamiliar to us but still we chose to ignore what we all know. We need to move more.

What if we started to think about movement not just something that science tells as something we need to do, but as something that is going to improve our ability to live a life we love to live.

Movement lifts our heart rate, and an increase in our heart rate enables it to become more efficient, pumping more oxygen through the blood, through our body and brain, feeding our muscles and making us feel alive and strong. Movement is creating a better healthier you…..healthier in our minds as well as our body. And we will start to see a decline in obesity and so many of our other modern day diseases.

“We need to be moving to live a life that we love to live.”

But wait there’s more …. Not only will movement encourage all of the above it will also activate the release of those wonderful little hormones called endorphins (or happy hormones), which make us feel better, happier and subtly encourage us to move more. Are we starting to see the bigger picture evolve here?

We need to be moving to live, to have our bodies functioning well, and to have great health inside and out. As we start to increase our movement I can guarantee that within 10 days you will start to feel better, sleep better, think better and become motivated to be better.

Find out what movement is to you…..are you moving to just live?…. or…. do you want to start living to move?

We need to be moving to live a life that we love to live. A life that makes us feel better, think better and ultimately be better.

Movement is what our bodies were made to do, so let’s move a little more… to live a little more…. to love life a little more.

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