Independant Traveller

The perfect way to detox and re-adjust your wellness compass on your NZ holiday

This 1-day of wellness can include:
  • A graduated hike in awesome NZ bush surroundings
  • Stretches before and after the hike
  • A seminar on nutrition introducing the concept of wholefood (eating well)
  • A mindfullness session: introducing the power of the mind and our ability to control our own outcomes
  • A swim in the therapeutic hot mineral spas*
  • An instructional movement session
  • A wholefood breakfast and lunch with refined sugar-free snacks throughout the day

*Massage and Pool-soak conditions apply.

1-day program: From NZD $260 per person
4-day program: NZD $2200 per person (GST Inclusive)

The 4-day program price includes accommodation and all meals, and is available for the 1-day program at an additional cost. Email us to enquire and discuss your requirements.

The 1-day programs will commence at 7am and conclude at 4pm. We have a minimum group requirement of 6 people. Individual programs are run on set days.

Mobile: +64 027 242 7468
Email: [email protected]

“A Warm welcome, 
fabulous surroundings, 
great people, amazing food – The outside world fades away.”