Jul 2, 2017

Falling off the nutrition wagon?

So how do we continue to ‘fall off the wagon’ when there is no wagon to fall off? Really, when you stop and think about this statement you see how ridiculous it is – or perhaps it simply exists as term of phrase to give us permission to go on a binge, given the small (and believe me they are small) attempt at abstinence we have just had.

So given there is no wagon to fall off, we possibly need a better strategy around food. For once STOP THE DIET – we all know they don’t work. Diets are an unsustainable new normal that you will not continue with, and therefore they make you fat.

Become a Flexitarian – yes, 80 % of your food is in the green zone and tending towards an alkaline mix (please google this) and 20% is in the red zone, so it enables you to get on and live your life with some normality. Flexiatarian – your new term of phrase to ensure optimum well-being. Start enjoying and practicing your new routine – and, NO THIS IS NOT A NEW DIET.


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