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Well-being is a balancing act.

How we balance the combined effects of intelligent movement, diet, rest and mindfulness is key to achieving positive health benefits.

At Te Atawhai we believe in and practice the following principles:
  • Creating space in our life to nurture ourselves is not selfish, it’s self-sustaining.
  • Being well rested will do amazing things for our emotional well-being.
  • Purposely focusing our attention on the present moment – and accepting it without judgment – improves mental and physical health.
  • Learning and practicing effective stress management techniques will help us to remain calm under fire.
  • Embracing the simple pleasures in our lives – such as experiencing the wonders of Mother Nature, helping and supporting others etc – helps to keep us grounded and grateful for all that we have.

Nestled at the foot of the majestic Mount Te Aroha, Te Atawhai allows you to remove yourself from the stresses of everyday life and experience the benefits of introducing a deep sense of peace and calm into your world.





Fun, focused, and full of flavour

We are all pleasure seekers at heart. In order to create and maintain change in the way that we think, move and eat, we believe there has to be a huge enjoyment factor involved.

Taking pleasure in engaging in various forms of intelligent movement and filling our body with exactly the fuel it needs to thrive is what we strive for and deliver on our four day program.

Fun, focused and flavoursome is how we want our guests to describe their newfound approach to health and wellbeing and you will find each of these principles at the core of our program design.



Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy

Te Atawhai wellness retreat observes the principles of a whole foods diet, which means we focus on unprocessed, whole plant-based foods that are ideally organic, locally grown, seasonally fresh and bursting with flavour. We also exclude alcohol, caffeine, wheat, dairy and refined sugar from the menu.

Why go Whole foods?

The benefits of eating real, fresh, nutritionally dense food are well documented.

  • You will have more energy.
  • Your skin will have a much better appearance.
  • Your digestion will improve.
  • You will lose weight.
  • You will lower the risk of developing heart and cardiovascular diseases.

At Te Atawhai we recognise that in order to truly embrace a different way of eating, our food needs to be more than just healthy. To become a whole food convert, the food also needs to be visually appealing, full of flavour and easy to source and prepare.

That’s why we go further than simply introduce you to a new way of eating. We provide demonstrations and advice as well.

Core features

Core features

The Te Atawhai Experience
  • The Majestic Surroundings of Mt Te Aroha
  • Thermal and mineral hot springs
  • Wholefood menu
  • Putting it into practice demonstrations on nutrition, movement and mind management
  • Mountain hiking and walking
  • Core Strength work
  • Daily mindfulness practice
  • Massage and general body health consultations
  • Boutique accommodation
  • Small groups

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